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Keno is similar to Lotteries and has its origins in China. The story of its origins remains unclear with many variations being told. Ancient Chinese scrolls tell us that a game similar to keno was introduced around 200 B.C by Cheung Leung of the Han Dynasty. Apparently his city had been at war for many years and was nearly out of supplies. The people refused to contribute any further to the war effort, so a game similar to keno was created to raise revenue for his army. The game was a game of numbers, similar to keno and was a tremendous success. The game played a major role in saving the city. The game was so popular, it quickly spread throughout China and also helped to fund the building of the Great Wall. The game was also known as White Pigeon Game, because winning numbers were sent by carrier pigeons from the larger cities to the smaller villages.

It was first introduced to the United States in the 1800s when it was brought over by Chinese immigrants who worked on the railroad. Many people play keno today as it remains a popular game for its relatively small wagers and potentially large winnings.

How To Play Keno

To play keno, you select between 4 and 10 numbers between the numbers 1 and 80. Each number you select is called a "spot". You select these numbers by marking a blank ticket with a special Keno crayon. You'll then receive your tickets at tables throughout the casino and in the casino's designated Keno lounge.

Casinos will usually feature a number of monitors located throughout the casino to keep Keno players informed about their numbers. Twenty number balls are then drawn from a barrel of 80 balls and if enough of your numbers are chosen you win.

The casino will provide you with information about minimum and maximum wagers and how to play. Some offer wagers as low as 5 cents, but most are usually $1. In some casinos it's possible to win $50, 000 with a $1 bet.

The house advantage in Keno is high, around 30%. It's one of the worst bets you can make in a casino. Keno, like slots and lotteries, remain popular for the high potential returns for relatively small wagers.

There are a number of 'progressive' keno games in Vegas, but many of them limit the size of the jackpot at a certain point much before it becomes a gamble with a positive expectation. There are two casinos that claim there is not maximum. Both of them use the same rules but the jackpots are independent.


How do you play keno and win? Keno, like lotteries and slots, are mostly games of chance. There is very little you can do to influence to predict the outcome.

There are some things you can try. One of the best things you can do is manage your money. If you play Keno, it's good to set a goal amount of winnings. If or when you reach that goal, quit and cash out no matter how well you are doing. Some people even bet the same numbers as other players, as part of their system.

Keno is really meant as a form of entertainment. People will play numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries and the like! If you want to make money at gambling try something with a skill factor like blackjack.