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Casino Game Reviews:
Ocean Princess

Dive to the deepest depths of the ocean and you just might find sunken treasure and the Ocean Princess. This is an online casino slots game like no other. In fact, you might find it similar to video poker. Ocean Princess is one of the biggest casino slots machine around with the 5 paylines each with its own set of reels for a total of 15 reels.

Ocean Princess slot machine
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Coin denominations range from 25 cents to 5 dollars and you can bet up to five coins per playline. This is nice because you can cover all the payline with a minimum of $6.25. For those who enjoy the big payouts you can drop as much as $125 per play.

How To Play

Playing Ocean Princess is similar to any online casino slots game. To begin you need to choose your coin denomination for each round by clicking the plus and minus buttons on the left of the screen.

To select the number of coins you want to bet you'll need to click Bet One or Bet Max. Each click of Bet One will increase your bet by one coin. Bet Max increases your bet to the highest amount allowed and spins the reels automatically. Don't forget, your total bet will be your bet on one row times five. On the left side you'll be able to see your credits, wagers and wins.

If you haven't clicked Bet Max you'll need to click Spin to spin the reels. When they stop you may then select the reels you want to hold. You can do this by clicking the hold buttons below or click the individual reels. When you are ready, click Spin again to spin the reels you are not holding.

When the reels stop, if any of the rows show a win, you'll be paid according to the paytable. Just click the Paytable button at any time to see it. Flip through pages with the Next and Back button and close the paytable with the Close button or click the Paytable button again to close.

The thing that sets this slot machine apart from other casino slots is the ability to choose the symbols you want to keep - much like holding and discarding cards in poker.

It's always a good idea to check the paytable to see which symbols you should hold for the payout you want.

The big jackpot may seem small at only 1000 coins but you'll be happy to know this is per coin. You can potentially hit 25000 coins in a single spin if you were lucky enough to get the winning combo on the first spin.

This is a well designed casino slots game with graphics and audio that is second to none. If you like poker or like something with a little more to it than pressing a button play after play than set sail for the Ocean Princess. Full speed ahead, captain!