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If you have played progressive slots games that let you hold on to symbols than you've played something very similar Megajacks video poker.

Megajacks video poker is a 25 cent jacks or better video poker game. The game uses a standard 52 deck of cards and is paid according to a poker hand rank table. Although betting limit of this game is lower than usual, there are many opportunities to play at 100% payback.

Megajacks video poker
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The goal of this game is to get the best five card poker hand you can that has a winning combination. If you notice the paytable, the better your hand the better your payout. You get to choose how many of your cards to hold or replace, but you get to do this only once.

To play Megajacks video poker you don't need to worry about the value of your coin denomination, its fixed at 25 cents. Click the Bet One button to increase your bet by another 25 cents. Press the Bet Max button to wager the most possible, which is 5 time 25 cents. Your cards will be dealt automatically. You may also click the column you want on the paytable at the top to choose the amount of your bet. If you did not bet the max, you'll need to click Deal to deal the cards.

Once you have your cards, you can choose which cards to keep by pressing the Hold button under the card, or you can click on the card to hold it. Then click the Deal button to deal new cards for the one you want to replace.

If you get a winning combination you're paid according to the paytable. If you don't the round is over and you can play again.

If you do get a winning hand you can choose to take the winnings and run by clicking the Collect button or you can choose to double it. When you double it, the dealer will deal an open card and you can choose from 4 face down cards. If you pick a card that is lower than what the dealer has, you'll lose you're initial win amount. If you tie with the dealer you have the option to collect your original winnings. If you beat the dealer with a higher card your original winnings are doubled. You can then collect your winnings or choose to double again. You also have the option to pick Half Double. This means that you only double for a half of your original winnings. The game will not let you double if your original winnings are more than $2000.

You'll win the progressive jackpot if you bet the max of $1.25 and hit a royal flush.

I like to play real life poker, so I thought I'd give this one a try. It is certainly different from playing real poker, but I got caught up in it just the same. The graphics are simple yet well designed and extremely functional. I didn't even notice them, really, as I found myself concentrating on the game. The progressive jackpot is a big attraction and I had a ball trying to win it. If I'm in the mood for a change from slots this is the first place I go. Megajacks video poker isn't flashy and all the graphics you need are there. You can tell this game was designed for poker players who want to get straight to business with some quick and easy poker action.