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Magic Slots

Winning with "Magic Slots" is easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The high quality graphics, bonus game and big jackpots are no illusion.

Magic Slots is sweet and simple - three reels and one payline. This is the perfect introduction to progressive slots games for anyone and everyone.

Magic Slots slot machine
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The first thing you do is choose the value of your coins. Coin denominations range from 25 cents to 5 dollars. You do this by clicking the plus and minus signs on the left side of your screen. Now you are ready to bet.

To place you wager click the Bet One button to wager one coin. Each click of this button increases your bet by one coin. Click the Bet Max button to bet the maximum of three coins. The reels will then spin for you automatically. If you don't be the max you'll need to click the Spin button.

When the reels stop spinning you can check the paytable at the top of the screen to see if you have a winning combination. If you do you'll be paid out accordingly.

Although there are no wild or scatter symbols, if you get three magic wands you'll jump to the bonus game. In the bonus game select one of the four hands and collect your prize.

Most progressive slots games work the same way. A certain amount of every bet collects in a progressive jackpot until someone get three of the highest symbols (hats and gloves) along the payline with a maximum bet.

You can customize your game play by using a number of other buttons in the software. Click the options button to change a variety of software setting like game speed and full screen mode. There is an 'H' button on the far right that you can click to get access to a complete record of your game play - everything including when you played, how much you bet and how much you won. Did you notice the chat button at the bottom? This isn't a multi-player game so you can talk to your friends with it. It's just for communicating with casino administration. If you need any help with the game software at any time, just click the Help button to view the software help file. You can go back to the lobby of the casino to choose another game at any time as long as you are not in the middle of a game.

This is my ideal progressive slots game - a simple one line slot machine with a big jackpots. I was really impressed with the graphics, sounds and smooth game play. This one was so easy to catch on to, I was soon in the game options to speed it up. Of course, everyone likes big jackpots and I'm no exception. This one keeps growing until someone hits three top hats on a maximum bet.

There's nothing magical about progressive slots. But Magic Slots will make you a believer. Forget all the bells and whistles and give Magic Slots a try. You won't find any mirrors or trap doors here.