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Casino Game Reviews:
Highway Kings

Breaker, breaker, good buddy! You'll soon become a king of the highway if you play Highway Kings slots online. If you hit the right combination you might just have enough to get your own "big rig".

When you play most slots online you need to begin you'll need to decide what the value of your coins will be for each round. You can do this by clicking he plus and minus symbols on the right of your screen.

Highway Kings slot machine
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You may then choose the number of playlines you want to wager on by clicking the Bet One button or clicking on the payline number on the left of the screen. Which ever payline you choose, remember you are also choosing all the paylines below it. Each click of Bet One adds a payline to your wager. To select all the paylines click Bet Max or click payline number 9. You will be betting one coin per payline. If you selected Bet Max, the reels will spin for you automatically. If you didn't choose Bet Max, you'll need to click Spin to spin the reels. You'll find this type of operation among most slots online.

If you get a winning combination on a payline that you have bet on you'll get paid out according to the payout table. To see this paytable at anytime, just click Paytable. Click close or Paytable again to close the paytable. If you happen to win on more than one payline, your winnings will be totaled up.

I love the 'scatter' symbol. It's an exhaust pipe. If you get 2 to 5 of these symbols on your screen you'll get paid according to the paytable. These symbols have to appear consecutively starting on the far left or far right, but they don't need to be on any particular payline.

This game has a wild symbol, too. If a red truck turns up during your play, you can use it to stand for any other symbol. This is just like a joker in a deck of cards.

When you play slots online you usually have a number of buttons to help you operate the software. Aside from the main gameplay buttons there is a host of others to help you. The game keeps track of all your information while you are playing. You can view your bets, wins and date information by clicking the History button. There is a chat function, but it is only for communicating with casino operators, you can't chat with other players, as this is not a multi-player game. If you need help at any time you may click the Help button which will open the software help file. Click the Options button to access a number of different options for setting up the software. You can click Lobby whenever you want to go back to the lobby, except if you are in the middle of a game.

So, shift into high gear and keep on truckin' to play Highway Kings slots online. Over and out, good buddy!

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