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Goblin's Cave

This is no fairytale. You'll find treasures beyond belief inside the Goblin's Cave. If you're brave and pure of heart you may enter!

The Goblin's Cave is a three reel multi line video slots game that allows you to hold the symbols you want. Hit the paytable button to see the payout schedule and determine which symbols to keep and which to let go. Any symbols you keep will show up on the each of the sets of reels. You then spin again and those symbols not held will spin.

Goblin's Cave slot machine
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If larger coin denominations are not your thing, you'll appreciate the smaller but more frequent payouts of Goblin's Cave video slots game. The jackpot of 150 coins may seem relatively small, but it's more frequently won.

Be sure to check the payout table to be sure of which symbols to keep to obtain the payout you're looking for.

How To Play

To play this video slots game you first choose the denomination of the coins you'll be betting on each round. You do this by clicking the + and - symbols on the left side.

Then click Bet One or Max Bet to choose the number of coins you wish to bet. Every click on the Bet One button bets another coin. Click the Bet Max button to increase your wager to the largest amount possible (five coins) and this will spin the reels automatically. Your total bet will be 3 x your bet on a row. You'll be able to see your remaining credits, the amounts you've wagered and the amount you win to the left of the reels.

If you did not be the max, click spin the reels to, you guess it - spin the reels.

When they stop, you can choose the reels you'd like to hold by clicking the hold buttons below the reel or click the reel itself. Then you'll need to click Spin again to spin the reels you have not chosen to hold.

After the reels stop, you'll be paid according to the win table, if any of the rows shows a winning combination. To see the paytable click the Paytable button. You can change pages with the Next and Back buttons and close by clicking the Close button. Click the paytable button a second time to close it.

Goblin's Cave video slots even has a bonus game. To play this you'll need to get three lantern symbols in a row. You'll get to play two bonus games if you get three lantern symbols in a row on two rows. You'll get three bonus games if you get three lanterns on three rows. In the bonus game you need to pick one of six chests. Click the right one and win the prize inside.

This is a simple, yet well designed game with great graphics and top notch sound. Great for the beginner who is looking for something with a little more action than pressing a button play after play.

And so, young squire, enter the Goblin's Cave, if you dare, and garner the riches for which I have foretold.