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If you like movies you'll have a great time with Cinerama. If you haven't played Cinerama since its redesign in February 2004 then you are missing out. The previous basic 3 reel slot machine is now a more exciting five reel, multi line game with two different bonus games.

Cinerama slot machine
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It has a fixed coin size of 5 cents, which is definitely easy on the bankroll. Players may bet up to a max of five coins and must do this to be eligible for this progressive slots jackpot.

To play you must select your wager by clicking on the Bet One or Bet Max buttons. Clicking one increases your bet by one coin each time you click it. If you click the Bet Max button you are in for the maximum bet of 5 coins. You can also click a payline and you'll automatically active all the payline below it. When you click Bet Max the reels will spin for you automatically. If you have bet less, you'll need to click the Spin button or click the slot machine arm to spin the reels.

The first bonus game starts if you get an earphones symbol on the first reel. To play the bonus game you select which movie will win and win coins for guessing right.

The second bonus game is harder to get but has better payouts. To get this bonus game you must hit three or more director symbols on any of the five paylines. You then get to choose the cast of a movie and win depending on your choices.

As with most downloaded casino software, there are a number of buttons to help you play and control the game. The button with the big H on it is the History button on the far right. Click this to access a record of when you played, how much you bet and how much you won. There are a number of features you can adjust in the game. Click the Options button to change things like game speed, audio and more. You may have noticed the chat function at the bottom. This isn't a multi-player game and the chat function is just for communicating with casino administration. If you are not in the middle of a game you can click Lobby and exit the game, as long as you are not in the middle of a round.

Progressive slots games like this have potentially very large jackpots. I like big jackpots and love progressive slots. This was the first progressive slots game I've played and I must say, I won a few dollars. I play this one on a regular basis, mainly for the jackpots, but I'm also a movie buff too!

This is another fine example of sophisticated game design that creates a fun and profitable online gaming experience regardless of your gambling skills and knowledge.

This game bears little resemblance to the original Cinerama and is much appreciated. Cinerama is easy on the pocketbook, fun to play and has potentially large progressive jackpots. What more could you want? Anyone can be a star playing Cinerama.

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